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Ernst & Young
Identity explorations for a company to be formed out of an Ernst & Young division. Naming,
branding and identity design.
Ref 0026/Apr. 2003   Category: Identity   Agency: Bsur Concepting


Kurt Noble, Inc.
Logotype development for the award-winning interactive design studio KNI from San
Ref 0025/Sep. 2003 Visit Kurt Noble Category: Identity  Agency: Superfamous

Deluxe, Inc
Logotype for Thomas Baert’s design studio Deluxe, to be used accross various media,
operating out of Belgium
Ref 0023/Sep. 2003   Visit Deluxe, Inc Category: Identity   Agency: Superfamous

Deep Sound Channel
Trademark for a music and video label doing DJ/VJ collaborations, live performances and
sound design.
Ref 0019/Apr. 2003   Category: Identity   Agency: Superfamous

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