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Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier

Swarovski Morpheus Chandelier by Yves Behar

The Morpheus chandelier is shaped by the viewers’ imagination: from a circle, to a square, to an infinity sign and anything in between. The many permutations of the ten-foot diameter and 16,000 crystals Morpheus light sculpture are possible through the use of servo-motors and lead cables applying pressure to a flexible spring steel assembly. Six motors arranged in a star configuration are attached to six points on the perimeter that pull to create the shape of the chandelier.

Designer: Yves Behar [ Manufacturer: Swarovski ]  Source: yankodesign

2007/08/10 11:11 2007/08/10 11:11
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2007/08/11 01:02 | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
조명 예술이네요^^저런거 집에 달려면 정말 천장은 2층높이정도 되고 거실은 축구할 정도의 크기는 되야할듯;;
혀니 2007/08/11 01:26 | EDIT/DEL
그렇죠~ 일반 가정집에 설치하기엔 좀..^^ 저정도는 아니더라도 저희집 거실조명을 멋진 '샹드리에'로 바꿨으면 하네요~ㅎ