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폴더 USB - Folderix Flash Drive

4GB flash drive plugs into a USB port

Folderix Flash Drive

Folderix flash drive is designed to look like a folder
icon, which proves that there are no boundaries to
one’s postmodernist aspirations...
    Art Lebedev

2009/12/18 22:58 2009/12/18 22:58
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  • Product 2009/12/18 22:58
2009/12/22 16:06 | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
Hyuni 2009/12/22 22:29 | EDIT/DEL
Art Lebedev 링크를 타고 가시면 됩니다~
국내에서 판매되는 곳은 아직 보이질 않네요^^;