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Seesaw Mobile Phone

This phone concept by Karsten Willmann has all the basics of “phone concepts 101″ down. You’ve got the high contrast OLED display. You’ve got the really thin form factor. And then there’s the number key pad and soft keys sitting nearly flush with the surface. But what’s really interesting is the bulge protruding from its center-back, hiding a camera and flashlight. Lay it on a table and the screen stays angled just enough so legibility isn’t an issue. Put a Pokemon on either side and watch it seesaw.

Pokemon not included.

Designer: Karsten Willmann   Source:

2007/06/27 22:16 2007/06/27 22:16
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  • Product 2007/06/27 22:16
2007/06/28 12:00 | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
캬..디자인 대박이네요.너무 멋있어요. 아이폰도 정말 멋있다고 생각했는데 이폰보니까 디자인은 아이폰이 한수 접어줘야겠네요..ㅎ
혀니 2007/06/30 00:17 | EDIT/DEL
디자인 너무 이쁘죠~^^ 앞으로 어떤 더새롭고 더멋진 폰이 나올지 기대가 됨니다~
2007/06/29 23:52 | EDIT/DEL | REPLY
모르겠습니다요새 슬림폰들 보면 부서지지않을까 이런생각뿐. 혀니님은 정말 매정하십니다 너무 안오심 ㅠ
혀니 2007/06/30 00:22 | EDIT/DEL
요며칠 프로잭트가 걸려서 좀 바빴습니다~ 또한 방명록에서도 말씀 드린바와 같이...도메인에 관련한 약간의 애러가 발생하여 정신없는 일주일 이었네요~ 너무 죄송합니다~~^^ㅎ