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디지털 비즈니스 - Business card Scanner


            Digitize That Stack of Business Cards
            Business cards have become less of a way to disseminate contact information
            and more about brand extension, so it makes no sense to spend so much
            money on them only to be thrown out after someone transcribes all the relevant
            information into an address book. The B-Scanner helps with both aspects.

            Just slide in any standard size card and an image capture is kept in memory.
            You sort and thumb thru each card via a jog dial and everything shows up
            beautifully on an OLED screen, sharp enough for small text.

            Still a concept but I know a lot of “old schoolers” still toting around business
            card holders. I think they would jump at something like this.
            However I do have 2 gripes. Many modern cards utilize texture in the design
            which a screen doesn’t pick up. Many also use front/back layouts which this
            concept doesn’t seem to address.

            Designer: Sungwoo Park & Bongkun Shin  _ Yanko Design

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